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Revolutionizing Marine Communications: The Award-Winning Revolve Emergency VHF Antenna

Revolve's Emergency Antenna
In the dynamic realm of marine safety, a groundbreaking innovation has emerged from the shores of the United Kingdom—The Revolve Emergency VHF Antenna. Launched in 2021, this piece of equipment has rapidly gained recognition for providing a practical, space-saving solution to a problem traditionally addressed by cumbersome, large antennas.

Compact Communications

Mariners are all too familiar with the unpredictability of the seas, where communication is not just a matter of connectivity but survival. In critical moments, when standard equipment fails, the Revolve Emergency VHF Antenna stands as a reliable beacon of hope.

Revolutionary Technology

Crafted from a foundation laid by military technology, the antenna is a marvel of design. Utilizing a patented Rolatube technology, it incorporates a high-performance antenna into a rollable composite, negating the necessity for separate mast and antenna units. This innovation is more than a mere reduction in equipment; it's a radical improvement in emergency preparedness—allowing for immediate deployment and communication.

Rapid Deployment - When You Need It

The beauty of this product lies in its compactness. It stows away in a small dry bag, taking up an insignificant amount of space. However, when deployed, it stretches to a full 8 feet. Tuned channel 16, with additional Automatic Identification System (AIS) compatibility, this lightweight emergency marine antenna does not compromise on performance.

Redefining The Standard

The antenna’s construction is a testament to durability. Made with IPX7 rated waterproof composite material, it requires no maintenance, guaranteeing reliability even in the most unforgiving marine environments. In an emergency, seconds count, and this antenna delivers, with quick deployment enhanced by a high-visibility fluorescent yellow cover and a SOLAS approved LED strobe light for increased visibility.

Rigging Options

Versatility is another of the antenna's strong suits, offering easy rigging solutions with the inclusion of holes and velcro straps. It can be deployed handheld or attached to any structure to extend its range.

Accolades and Recognition

Recognition for the Revolve Emergency VHF Antenna’s contribution to safety at sea has been widespread. It won the prestigious DAME Award at the METS Trade Show in the Netherlands for lifesaving equipment, and received accolades at the Newport International Boat Show for its innovation.

The introduction of the Revolve Emergency VHF Antenna has signified a leap forward in maritime safety. With its unrivaled combination of capability, convenience, and reliability, this antenna has become an indispensable component in the arsenal of maritime safety equipment. As a beacon of innovation, you can count on the Revolve Emergency Antenna as lifeline when it matters most.

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