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About Us

Revolve: Innovating with Rollable Composites

Headquartered in the UK and with new facilities located in the US, Revolve stands at the forefront of innovative applications of rollable composites, the core of our technology and product design. Our approach breaks free from the limitations of traditional materials, enabling us to craft distinctive products that markedly enhance the user experience.

At Revolve, change is not pursued for its own sake. Our focus is intensely set on developing products that not only capture your interest but also bring genuine enjoyment and practical utility. This commitment is supported by our global support structure, ensuring that our innovations reach and resonate with a wide audience.

Rollable Composites: Charting a New Course in Material Science

In a pioneering collaboration with Rolatube, we lead the way in material technology, utilizing a groundbreaking, robust, and lightweight composite material. Featuring a unique multi-layer construction, this material can be stored compactly in a roll, saving considerable space. When deployed, it transforms into a strong, tubular structure, adaptable to a diverse range of applications and groundbreaking product designs.

Revolve has revolutionized the way gear is carried through our love for material science and the expertise of our highly-skilled engineering team. Our solutions offer space-saving answers to common challenges, whether outdoors, in the field, or in the vastness of space. With facilities now in the US, our cutting-edge technology takes a prominent place in environments where space is at a premium.

Our Rollable Composite Technology, or Bistable Rollable Composite, a brainchild of our parent company Rolatube, is a revolutionary material setting a new benchmark in the industry. Its unique multi-layer construction allows for efficient storage in a compact roll, unfolding into a robust, tube-like structure. This technology has been applied in numerous complex scenarios, including civilian and military mast and antenna systems, inspection booms, and spacecraft de-orbiting solutions.

At Revolve, our mission extends beyond product creation; we're forging the future of material application and design. Constantly exploring the potential of rollable composites, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and expanding our global reach.

Our Environmental Commitment

Compact and Lightweight

All of our products pack small and are lightweight to reduce transport related CO2 output.

Locally Sourced Materials

We pride ourselves in maximizing locally sourced materials to further reduce transport related CO2 output.

Free of Single Use Plastics

Our products are free of single use plastics - including packaging.

Recyclable Packaging

Packaging made from sustainable and or recycled material